We’d like communicate to you today the following steps the Town of New Salem has undertaken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Board of Health

For general questions about COVID-19, call the office at 978-544-9673 or e-mail nsboardofhealth@gmail.com. Messages will be checked daily and your questions or concerns passed to the appropriate member or department.

Shopper Aid

Please rely on your neighbors to assist you if you are not able to shop for yourself. If you are in need and hesitant, do not take the chance. Call the Board of Health office at 978-544-9673 with your name and phone number. Messages will be checked daily. The Clerk will provide you with the public list of willing shoppers. If you are willing to shop for your neighbors, e-mail nsboardofhealth@gmail.com with your information and it will be compiled and shared on the public list to those in need.

Fire Department/EMS

The fire station is closed to the general public and access is restricted to department members only, effective immediately. If you feel sick with flu-like symptoms, contact your primary care physician first. In an emergency, dial 911. For regular business, call the station at 978-544-3345. It is critical to report flu-like symptoms or contact with a potential or positive COVID-19 patient to 911 dispatchers. The fire department has personnel on staff and available who are trained in Infectious Disease Control. Please follow their directives if they interact with you.

Police Department

The police station is closed to the general public and access is restricted to police officers only, effective immediately. License to Carry appointments are suspended until April 6. To submit documents, or to speak to an officer for routine business, please e-mail: newsalempolicedepartment@gmail.com, or in an urgent matter, contact Regional Dispatch at 413-625-8200 to ensure a response is facilitated.  In an emergency, dial 911.

Transfer Station

The Transfer Station will remain open regular hours. The public shall not enter the Staff Shed. All requests for bags and stickers will be conducted through the window. In order to properly disinfect funds, Attendants will accept cash or check, however are not able to make change. Please plan accordingly.  Attendants will continue to assist residents with disposal of waste and recycling as available. Attendants will not enter vehicles or come within 10 feet of customers. If you are not able to move trash bags/recycling yourself, items should be left on the asphalt so the attendants can dispose of them for you. Please plan accordingly with demolition or bulky items – team lifts involving the attendant will not be allowed through April 6.

Public Library

The Library will be closed to all members of the public through April 6. Library staff will be on site during their business hours processing returns. It is recognized, due to the lack of internet available, residents may need to access a computer for e-mail. Call the Library during their hours at 544-6334 to arrange access or to check out/return a book. Library staff may drop books outside where a resident can pick them up. Contact with Library staff is prohibited.


Meetings will be moving to electronic means until April 6. Please contact the Town Coordinator for access.

Swift River School

School is closed until April 6. The custodians, secretaries and principal will work limited hours in the building. Breakfast and lunch is available at Mahar during the week and can be delivered if arrangements are made ahead of time. Please go to www.swiftriverschool.org for more information. E-mail Kelley Sullivan with any questions at sullivan@swiftriverschool.org.

Town Coordinator

The Town Coordinator will be working off-site until April 6. Messages will be checked regularly. E-mail Nancy Aldrich at newsalemwendell@gmail.com or leave a message at 544-6437.

Town Clerk

The Town Clerk will be closed until April 6. Messages will be checked at 544-2731. Please e-mail Stacy Senflug with any routine matters at newsalemsclerk@aol.com.

Tax Collector

The Tax Collector will be closed until April 6. Tax bills may be paid online at www.unitaxonline.com even after the due date. Payments made on Real Estate and Personal Property bills will be applied to the oldest outstanding taxes. Motor Vehicle Excise bills will be payable online through the demand due date.

Non-cash payments may be mailed to 24 S. Main St., New Salem, MA 01355 or placed in the Tax Payment Drop Box located at 15 S. Main Street.

Money orders may be used in lieu of cash payments.

If you have questions please send an email to newsalemtax@aol.com or leave a message at (978) 544-5775.

Please practice regular hand-washing, safe social distancing, and remaining home when ill. More information from other town departments will be forthcoming.



Jenny Potee, Chair

Cameron Dunbar

Karyn Briand


New Salem Board of Health