The Broadband Committee and Selectboard had a very productive meeting with representatives from Westfield Gas & Electric (WG&E) and Precision Valley Communications (PVC) who visited New Salem this week. WG&E is the company New Salem has contracted with to design and build our fiber network. They are employing PVC to do the field engineering, which is mapping distance and showing how to feed fiber to each dwelling.

Starting Monday, September 25, and continuing into the week of October 2, PVC will have 3-4 mappers in town to work on the field engineering. They will be going down driveways and crossing properties wherever utility lines run. They will be using laser measuring devices (which look somewhat like cameras) to get detailed information to be used in the design of our network. The vehicles will have signs that say “Whip City Fiber” and the mappers will wear orange vests that say “Precision Valley Communications.” Please do not be concerned if you see these vehicles and individuals. This process is an integral part of designing our fiber network.

Please feel free to contact us at – The New Salem Broadband Committee