To simplify communication as the Broadband project moves forward, we are requesting that you supply us with your email address.

· If you have not already done so, you can send an email to broadbandnewsalem at with your name, New Salem property address and your preferred email address. Alternatively, there is a display at the library with forms that can be completed with this information.

· If you do not have an email address we will provide help to sign up for one. You can find forms to request this assistance at the library.

Trenching and Conduit Installation Completed

· JL Raymaakers and Sons made fast work of the trenching and placement of conduit in locations on roads in town where it was required. They have now completed this preparation for the underground distribution fiber.

Reseeding the Common

· To save significantly on costs, we did not have the contractor reseed the disturbed ground. Anyone willing to assist in the process of reseeding the affected areas on the common should contact Sue Cloutier at cloutier at

The Broadband Committee – broadbandnewsalem at