Although the weather slowed the testing of the fiber and thereby postponed the start of the home installations, we have now reached the final stages of the preparations, and home installations will begin shortly. These will be done on a rolling basis. With over 385 homes to be connected, this will take several months.

To be ready when Whip City Fiber contacts you to schedule your installation, be sure the following issues are addressed.

· Two components (three if you take phone service) will be installed inside your home. One, the ONT (Optical Network Terminal), will be placed where your utilities enter your house (i.e., near your electrical panel). The second piece of equipment, the router, will be situated centrally in your main living space to maximize wifi coverage of your home. You will need to have a functioning electrical outlet within 6 feet of each location.

· Phone service subscribers will also need to be able to plug in the Telo unit that will connect to the router. Your phone will connect to the Telo.

· There is a display of these components in the Library.

More details will be shared in the coming weeks. Visit and for information about the installations, equipment, and more.

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