The Make-Ready for the fiber installation is almost complete.

· National Grid and Verizon have over the last couple of weeks wrapped up most of the remaining tasks they needed to complete to allow us to proceed.

· Dig Safe is completed so that JL Raymaakers and Sons will, in the next few weeks, dig trenches and lay conduit in for underground distribution fiber where required.

· Our hut site is prepared with conduit, and a pole for the fiber installation, as well as a new mast for the electrical connection. Our generator for the hut is connected to its propane supply.

The Distribution Construction phase is about to begin.

· White Mountain Cable Construction will begin work on stringing the distribution fiber down the roads in New Salem shortly after our final pole license is released by the utilities.

Sign-up will begin during the Construction phase.

· Sign up dates, service offerings, and costs will be announced in the early Fall.

· Workshops/drop-in appointments will be offered to provide information about home installations as well as sign-up and payment procedures.

To simplify communication as the project moves forward, we are requesting that you supply us with your email address.

· You can send an email to broadbandnewsalem at with your name, New Salem property address and your preferred email address. Alternatively, there is a display at the library with forms that can be completed with this information.

· If you do not have an email address we will provide help to sign up for one. You can find forms to request this assistance at the library.

The Broadband Committee – broadbandnewsalem at