April 4th

  • Westfield Gas & Electric (WG&E) presentation to the Broadband Committee, Selectboard and Finance Committee.

April 20th

  • WiredWest presentation to the Broadband Committee, Selectboard and Finance Committee.

April 24th

  • Grant application submitted to EOHED (Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development), the government agency now responsible for managing Last Mile funds that were formerly managed by the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI).

May 24th

  • The Governor announces the approval of the EOHED Grant funds for New Salem.

June 5th

  • The Selectboard and Municipal Light Plant (MLP) Manager sign the state contract to accept the EOHED Grant funds.

June 27th

  • Members of the Selectboard and Broadband Committee participate as one of five regional towns invited to a roundtable discussion of the Broadband Project with the Lieutenant Governor, the Deputy Director of the EOHED and Director of MBI.

Late June

  • New Salem receives its initial disbursement of Grant funds from the state. The $350,000 disbursement is for the Design/Engineering portion of the project and is the original amount promised. More disbursements will come as specific mile markers are met throughout the project.

July 17th

  • After extensive review by individuals and legal counsel, the Selectboard and the MLP Manager sign a contract with WG&E to design and build the fiber network for New Salem.

August 7th

  • Members of the Broadband Committee and Selectboard attend a Kick-Off meeting at the WG&E Headquarters in Westfield. In addition to a tour of the facility, details of the design/engineering and construction processes were presented by the WG&E Department heads.

August 16th

  • With Selectboard approval, the MLP Manager signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with WiredWest to participate in a regional solution for the operation and management of our network once it has been constructed.

Further updates will be forthcoming as the project progresses.

-The New Salem Broadband Committee