December 14, 2021

PERSONNEL: Staffing has remained the same.

PROFESSIONAL GROWTH: In November, I completed the “Action Plan” required by the MBLC for updating the Long Range Plan. I have started preparing the preliminary FY23 budget. I have just registered for a MLS workshop on “Mad on Arrival: Handling Unwanted Customer Behaviors in Your Library with Tact and Skill” on Jan. 12. This program will be recorded, so I will also have staff watch the program.


Attendance totals: Adults = 228 / Teens = 7 / Children = 19 / Overall total = 254

   NOTE: this is a small increase in adults & teens from October’s numbers

  • Wreath-making workshop on Sat. (12/11) was very successful. We had limited space, so we were full with 20 participants. It was just wonderful to hear laughter and lively conversation in the Community Room. Lynn Hartman from Hartman Herb Farm (Barre) shared her skills in wreath-making, and everyone’s wreath was beautiful. A good time was had by all. We did not charge participants, but we did receive $72 in donations. I will be putting something about this on the library website and on Facebook, which will have some photos I took during the event.
  • The Community Network for Children (CNC) StoryWalks at the Quabbin Overlook (3-week series from late Oct – mid-Nov) had a total of 44 attendees. Tales & Tunes with Katie (5-wk

series from mid-Oct – mid-Nov) had a total of 90 attendees.

  • In November, the yoga class had only 2 in total for October (they only had one class).  It resumed on 12/2, and the attendance is increasing for next month’s report.
  • The Book Discussion Group had 8 (the usual group) in October.
  • The writing group had 8 attendees in October.
  • Village Neighbors had 4 attendees.
  • Mini Art Gallery: we have a new exhibit of 4 pastels by local (Leverett) artist, Elsje Sturtevant. There has been positive comment from viewers.
  • Circulation totals: November circulation = 725 (627 from NSPL = 86% our own materials)

Down from October circulation = 757 (685 from NSPL = 90% our own materials)

                                [note: this is a new statistic I will be including from now on]


15 Adult Fiction books                                                                   8 Juvenile Fiction books                              

21 Adult Non-Fiction books                                                          7 Juvenile Non-Fiction books

 5 CD audiobooks                                                                             0 Juvenile CD audiobooks

 8 DVDs                                                                                                0 Juvenile DVDs

 4 YA Fiction books                                                                         1 Picture book

 3 YA Non-fiction book                                                                  3 Board books

Total: 75 items added in November