Meeting Date: April 13, 2021. Called to order 7:03 pm. Adjourned 8:18 pm.

Present: Diana Smith, Eli MacCullagh, Judy Northup-Bennett and Martha Hanks-Nicoll. Marny Ashburne, Lisa Finestone, Mary-Ann Palmieri and Monica Winters for The Friends

I. Eli MacCullagh called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.

II. Public Comment:

a. Monica Winters brought up the unfinished portico. Diana has spoken with the contractor who should have date set to finish within the next two weeks.

b. Lisa Finestone concurred with concern and wondered if it was time to look for a new contractor.

c. Recommendation to put it on urgent status as it needs to be complete before the library reopens.

III. The Friends of the New Salem Public Library Report

a. Marny reported that the last meeting was April 3rd.

b. They had a quick fundraiser generating $65.00.

c. Supported two big events: meet the candidates and session with the two authors.

d. Possibility of Seeds of Solidarity program tentatively set for May 10th or 12th.

e. The Friends have agreed to take a supervisory role in the garden. Matt Jenks who has a landscaping business has volunteered to mulch and prune.

f. Lisa Finestone stated that The Friends would like to plant a tree on the right side of the door once repairs are finished. The suggestion was that the money for the tree and mulch (approx. $150.00) should come out of library funds rather than The Friends.

g. Monica will continue to do pots through the seasons, take down and put up the snow fencing as well as cut back the ornamental grasses.

h. There was discussion about a permanent garden sign for The Friends and a motion passed to do so.

i. The Friends are also looking for a few new members.

IV. Approval of the Agenda and Minutes

a. Agenda approved

b. Minutes approved as revised

V. Discussion/explanation of moratorium on new library design projoects

a. Eli addressed The Friends’ concern expressed in Mary Ann’s letter to the Trustees.

b. The feeling being that if something is not on the agenda then a motion should not be voted on and made public.

c. Agreed to continue to keep communications open to avoid miscommunication.

VI. Director’s Report

a. Debby Jones is the new Accountant.

b. Diana acknowledged how amazing the staff has been in moving all the books and replacing them during the floor renewal.

c. The door to the meeting room has also been repaired.

d. May “Write Outside” will take place outside the library on tables.

VII. Quarterly Finances

a. Quarterly report has been put forward.

b. Still more money available to spend on library materials.

VIII. Reopening plan

a. Reopening when side door portico entrance is finished.

b. Diana will be in contact with Jenny Postee.

IX. Auction

a. Eli has sent press release draft to Judy

b. Promotional plan to launch May 8th- 22nd

X. Trustee Search

a. Trustee search is ongoing.

b. Judy has not yet heard from her contact but is hopeful she will hear soon.

XI. Other topics not foreseen

a. Lighting put off until portico has been finished and Library is open.

b. Lighting is on the Agenda for August.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 12th at 7:00 pm.