Minutes: Zoning Board of Appeals
General Meeting
January 22, 2021 12:00pm

Present:  Amy Fagin, Wayne Hachey, Bruce Dunbar, Peter Fisher, Sandy Fisher, Phil Delorey, Barbara Lauriat, Steve Schoenberg, Genie Casey, Brian Casey

Review of Notice of Public Hearing as pertains to appeal issued by Atty. Barbara Lauriat, and approval of final wording.

  1. Determination of Public Hearing date and time and remote access links.  What dates do people recommend for release of mail notifications?  Meeting scheduled for Feb 16, 2021.  Time:  7:00pm.  Zoom link to be determined. 
  2. Review of Abutters List and procedure for mailing.  Abutters list was provided by Atty. Lauriat and we are using this.  We agreed to notify Town Council, Atty’s Lauriat and Goldstein via e mail the Public Hearing information.
  3. Review and approval of dates and times for Notice of Public Hearing to be released to local newspapers and local posting.  Jane Schoenberg needs to be added to the Public Hearing notification.
  4. Discussion about “ZBA Handbook” and template files to be put on town website. Atty Lauriat and Phil offered information to augment a town handbook.  Bruce mentioned that we will need to appoint an alternate at some point.

Meeting adjourned at 1:15pm.