Meeting Date: Nov. 12, 2019 Called to Order: 6:30 pm Adjourned: 7:52pm
In attendance: Diana Smith, Judy Northup-Bennett, Eli MacCullagh, Claire
McGinnis. Mary Anne Palmieri and Lisa Finestone for the Friends group.
A. Report from the Friends of NSPL. The Friends’ monthly meeting will be the
second Saturday at 10 am. The Reimagining Committee voted to recommend the
library purchase 4 flip tables and 12 chairs. They’ll give a report on bids and
products at the next meeting. The Committee also recommends removing the 4
entry closets starting with two of them in January. They have the volunteers to do
this. The adult computers have been moved to the south windows…no need to buy
a new computer desk. The Reimagining Committee’s next meeting is Dec. 9, 3pm.
B. Meeting Minutes. Approved Oct. 21, 2019 minutes as amended.
C. Director’s Reports. Diana’s report is attached. We are still waiting for
Hubbard Heating and Cooling to reinstall the heat pump.
D. Volunteer Program. Diana presented the Forbes Library Volunteer Program
Policy as a good one to adapt for New Salem’s Volunteer Program. Eli offered to
adapt the policy for New Salem and bring it Diana and the Board for approval.
Dianna will work on a list of tasks for volunteers.
E. Library Security. Diana will continue to work on this and bring it back to the
next board meeting.
F. Cameras in the Library. Claire will send the MLBC guidelines to the Board
before the next meeting.
G. FY 20 Capital Items. The Board requested a schedule of milestones to
complete the 3 capital items funded by the town. The three items will be completed
in the Spring. a) Interior Floor Refinishing ( when windows can be opened). Diana
will get quotes. b) Painting of the Director’s Office and Work area. c) Repair of
exterior south door portico.
H. Ideas for Capital items for FY 21. Judy will research changing the library
lightening to a more energy efficient mode. Glenn Tattan, Petersham electrician,
will meet with Diana to review the project. He is planning to bring a lighting
development person to the Dec. 9 Reimagining Committee meeting. Concern was
expressed that we are taking on too much. Right now this is just a fact-finding
mission to see what the cost and process might be.
I. Internet Policy. Diana will send possible internet policies for the Board to look
into shortening them.
Next Meetings: Tues. Dec. 17 at 6:30pm. Tues. Jan. 21 at 6:30pm