Monday, March 18, 2013

Selectboard Office, Stowell Building, New Salem, MA 01355

Convened: 7:11 P.M.

Present: Selectboard: Randy Gordon (Chair), & Wayne Hachey Town Co-Ordinator: Nancy Aldrich Selectboard Clerk: Sharon Field Playground Committee: TaMara Conde (Chair) Resident(s): Ken Bright Athol Daily News Reporter: Jared Robinson Absent: Selectboard: Cathy Jones

The Selectboard Reviewed and signed the Following:

Vendor & Payroll Warrants. Meeting Minutes from March 4, 2013 and November 13, 2012. Appointment Slip for Associate Planning Board Member FRCOG Memo of Agreement regarding Emergency Communications System. Jumptown USA Permission Letter for Old Home Day. Interconnection Application for Seaboard Solar Project.

Discussion Items:

 Playground Committee Questions – TaMara Conde told the Selectboard that the Playground Committee had voted, at their last meeting, to ask the Selectboard for $5,000 to be added to the Warrant for the Playground. The Recreational Committee has funded the playground with $2,500 in the past with TaMara raising the rest of the funds needed. As of now the Rec Com only has $1,000. TaMara also told the Selectboard that this year will be the last year she will be in charge of the Rabbit Run and she hasn’t found anyone interested in taking over her job. The Rec Com. also funds the Rabbit Race. The Selectboard suggested that because of the amount of money requested they will need to ask the Capital Improvements Committee. The funds should have been asked for in the 2014 budget. Unless there is an emergency, requests for funds usually go through a process either through the Finance Committee or Capital Improvement Committee and the request must be submitted with a plan. Then those Committees forward the request to the Selectboard with a recommendation. So the Playground Committee will need to make a plan with the request for funds and present it to the Fin Com or Cap Imp for review as the first step. Randy suggested TaMara speak to Carla Helburn (SP?) about her problem finding a replacement for herself for the Rabbit Run. Even if she won’t do it herself she knows a lot of people that might. Wayne suggested Doug Plavin might be someone to contact also. Randy also spoke to TaMara about the lease of the OAB as she is also on the Friends of Historic New Salem (FHNS). He told her that the Selectboard is still waiting for the lease to be signed by FHNS. Randy added that the Town is asking for a three year lease, for them to have liability insurance, and that a percentage of the admission fees that comes into the building, not any grant money and not fund raising, be paid to the Town. He said that he thinks the Selectboard is being extremely fair and generous. TaMara said that she, and possibly others, thought that the percentage to be paid to the Town included grant and fund raising money and that might cause difficulties on grant applications for the Historical Commission and the FHNS. Randy asked TaMara to go to the FHNS and make it clear to them that the percentage being asked for is on admissions only, not grants and not fund raising, and the Selectboard is looking for an answer soon. She agreed to do so.

     Request to Hold Contra Dance in Town Hall First Week in May – Jean Derderian called Nancy, she and Lisa DeWitt have requested the use of the Town Hall on the first weekend in May in order to have a Contra Dance to raise funds for heating the Town Hall next winter. Nancy said that the building should be open by the beginning of May. The Selectboard decided that a septic title 5 inspection should be done on its septic system, that the Board of Health should inspect the kitchen, and that the Building Inspector be asked to inspect the building in general to determine the overall condition of the building. The estimated cost should be under $250. Wayne said that Tom Swan can do the digging if any is needed for the septic inspection. Nancy will contact Jean Derderian and tell her a written request will need to be submitted to the Selectboard.  Letter from Robert DeSanto Regarding Dog Issues – Mr. Robert DeSanto of 524 Daniel Shays Highway wrote a letter to the Selectboard to complain about his neighbors, (the Santanas) dog running loose and defecating in his garage. He said this had been a problem in the past also. He included a letter he had written to his neighbor. The Selectboard will forward the letter to the Dog Officer.  Letter from Wendell Finance Committee and Selectboard Regarding Joan Wickman’s Response to Regionalization Study – The Selectboard discussed the issue and though the Committee supported Wendell’s letter of support there was no clear response to give.

 National Grid Schedule Z – The credits from Hampshire Power have not been coming off the Towns National Grid bill correctly. The Town is currently using real time power. If it changed to fixed cost it would go back on to the National Grid bill. Nancy will call Hampshire Power to have that done.

 Copier for Stowell Building – At last week’s Finance Committee meeting a brief conversation was held about replacing the copier in the Stowell Building. Nancy has been trying to contact the State Contractor for copiers to get a couple of price quotes from him. Wendell just got one for just under $6,000. She said she was sure they have less expensive ones but they do need one that collates, staples and double sides, there is no point in getting another desk top printer.

 Tree Trimming at Library – Nancy got an e-mail from Cathy telling her that the Library had asked her how they could get the trees trimmed that are in the cemetery but hanging into the Library’s space. Nancy said that this came up a few years ago and that the cemetery took care of it and paid for it out of their perpetual care of the cemetery. Nancy will respond to the Library’s question and recommend they contact the Cemetery Commission.

 Energy Committee Budget – Wayne said that because the Energy Committee didn’t have a spot at the Finance Committee Meeting and because they are bringing in a lot of money and have a lot of projects going on, he would like to request that they have a $100 budget so that they will be included in the Fin Com Meetings and answer questions that no-one else can. He added that the Fin Com seemed to agree with that. Nancy said she will call The Town Treasurer to set that up.

 Memorial Day Activities for 2013 – Cathy Jones asked if the Selectboard wanted to be involved in the Memorial Day Services again this year, if so she would put out the announcement and for any volunteers to contact her. The Selectboard agreed that Cathy should be the representative for the Selectboard again this year.  Library Alarm System – The Selectboard has agreed to change the monitoring system in the OAB to a new, less costly system. Nancy sent a letter to the Library to enquire if they would be interested in the same system. The savings may not be as great for them as they do not have a lift and they only have one phone line. But everyone agreed that it was worth looking at.

 Annual Town Meeting Date – The date for the Annual Town Meeting has been tentatively set for May 20th. Nancy will check with the Moderator and Town Clerk to see if they are available on that date.

 Public Hearing for Debt Exclusion – A public hearing is required before Town Meeting on the debt exclusion. Someone from the Fin Com will have to be at the hearing to explain what the debt exclusion is for. There are three Selectboard meetings in April, and Nancy suggested that the hearing be held at or before one of the meetings. She will check with Gabe for a date.

 Library Window – The front bay window of the Library needs replacing. The Energy Committee was going to try to try to include the replacement of the window in one of its projects but that is not going to work. Diana will try and get prices and if it is over $10,000 she will need to go to the Capital Improvements. Wayne thinks an estimate of the cost could be between 8 and 15 thousand dollars. Wayne will talk with Diane.

 Hazardous Mitigation Committee – The final meeting of this committee will be on April 8th at 6 PM. Cathy Jones will be attending, and if anyone else would like to attend they are welcome.

Meeting Adjournment: Wayne Hachey made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Randy Gordon seconded the motion. The motion passed and the meeting adjourned at8:07 PM.

Other Documents Used: E-mails from Cathy Jones.

Next Meeting Date: April 1, 2013

Respectfully Submitted, Selectboard Clerk, Sharon Field