Stowell Building, New Salem, MA
Convened: 7:00 pm
Present: Randy Gordon, Cathy Jones & Wayne Hachey, Selectboard; Nancy Aldrich, Town Coordinator; Tom Swan, Highway Superintendent; Kathy Soule Regine and MaryEllen Kennedy, Wired West Representatives; Ken Bright; Jared Robinson, Athol Daily News reporter
The Selectboard Reviewed and Signed the Following:
 Vendor and Payroll Warrants  Meeting Minutes from April 29, 2013  DEP Grant Reimbursement Request Letter

Discussion Items Upon motion made and seconded, Randy Gordon was nominated to continue as Selectboard Chair; motion passed unanimously.

MaryEllen Kennedy and Kathy Soule Regine met with the Board to discuss WiredWest and upcoming broadband options. They noted that WiredWest had been formed to connect the ‘last mile’ of internet service; now a $40 million dollar bond will be issued by the State to help leverage funding. WiredWest is now in a cooperative relationship with Mass Broadband 123, and hope to work together moving forward. Options for local Community Anchor Institutes were also discussed. MBI is slated to meet with town representatives when we are closer to the live date. MaryEllen and Kathy will keep the Board informed.

Tom Swan met with the Board to update them on the latest Highway Department activities. They have been working on Neilson Road. Tom noted that they will have to close the road during the hours they are working there, but will reopen it at night. There was an accident with one of the trucks—when the dump body was lifted, the pins holding it in place sheared off, damaging the body and sending the dump piston into the cab of the truck. The insurance company has been called and repairs will be made by the Highway Department. This is the vehicle that is scheduled to be traded in when we purchase the new Peterbilt truck.

The Board reviewed a letter from the Building Inspector regarding Andy Hamilton’s property. After consulting with Town Counsel, he feels the best course of action would be to re-issue his original order; if Mr. Hamilton appeals this, hopefully our ZBA will be able to act on the appeal in a timely manner.

The Board reviewed the Annual Town Meeting Warrant and went over motions and recommendations. They also discussed the timing for awarding plaques to Sheila Hunter and Joe Camden. The Board asked Nancy Aldrich to contact the Moderator and ask that he meet with them prior to the start of the ATM. The idea of coffee and snacks being served at the ATM was also discussed. If Brian Morton approves the expenditure for food from the Selectboard account, Nancy will purchase it and have it set up for the meeting.

Cathy Jones noted that the person doing maintenance in the cemeteries was unhappy about the clean up of the fallen tree in Branch Bridge Cemetery and with the Cemetery Commission’s practice of selling lots before the topsoil was in place. Cathy had advised him to make an appointment to speak with the Selectboard; since he did not do so, no action was taken.

Nancy updated the Board on the FEMA paperwork for the February 8-9 snowstorm.

The Board reviewed a letter from the Board of Health to the Police Department. At the Transfer Station last week, a resident had locked the key in his car with the car still running. The Board of Health wanted to know if this were to happen in the future, would the Police Department have a tool to open the car. Police Chief Joe Camden indicated to Nancy Aldrich that for liability reasons, the Police Department would be unable to do so.

Al Olson offered to donate a large picnic table for the area behind the library. Upon motion made and seconded, the Board agreed to accept the donation. The motion carried unanimously. The Highway Department will be contacted to help move the table. A thank you letter acknowledging the donation will be sent to Mr. Ohlson.

Ken Bright spoke with the Board about his efforts to fix the Town Hall front door lock. It appears we will need to hire a locksmith. Ken noted that Hamshaw Lumber might have the name of a locksmith that specializes in old locks such as the one on Town Hall.

Upon motion made and seconded, the Board unanimously voted to adjourn their meeting at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Nancy Aldrich Town Cooordinator